Frequently Asked Questions


Lost and Found

Who should I ask if my wrestler misplaces or forgets something at practice or tournaments?

Anything that is left behind at practice or tournaments will be available in the mat room during practice.

Where should I turn in gear that I find at practice or tournaments?

Anything that is found can be turned in to the ladies in the mat room as well.

Tournament Info

When and where are tournaments held?

Alaska USA wrestling tournaments are held on Fridays/Saturdays and run from  March to May.  

How much does it cost to register for/participate in a tournament?

Tournament fees are $20 per tournament.  If your wrestler registers for more than one tournament (many tournaments host greco, girls and co-ed freestyle or folk style tournaments the same weekend) every tournament your wrestler enrolls in will be a separate $20.  

Please register your wrestler and pay the tournament fees NO LATER THAN Wednesday preceding  the tournament.  This can be done in the mat room during practice.

When and where can my wrestler weigh in for tournaments?

Weigh ins will be held at the Soldotna Prep School on Thursdays at practice.  The first weigh in will be Thursday March 1st.

If you are unable to weigh in at practice, there are opportunities to weigh in the day of the tournament.  


How can I purchase Whalers t-shirts and other fan gear for my family?

Purchase Fan Gear and Whalers Swag at:

There is a lot of fun stuff to choose from.  

What type of gear does my wrestler need?

You will need to purchase headgear and wrestling shoes.  The are available in limited styles and sizes at Beemuns in Soldotna.  

Gear (shoe's and headgear)  can also be purchased online at websites like Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods

Your wrestler will also need a singlet for tournaments.  Singlets will be available to rent or purchase within the first few weeks of practice.

Purchase : If you would like to purchase a singlet, they will be available at the same time as rental singlets for $60.00

GEAR SWAP!!  Please bring in your used wrestling gear to the ladies in the mat mom and we will help you sell it at our gear swap during practices.  

If you are looking to buy used gear, it is all available in the mat room during every practice.  

The gear swap will be ongoing throughout the season...until we run out of gear!